New China Blog

3 Jul, 2011

Mike has been invited to China, to create a life size  sculpture in stone which will be put on permanent display in Changchuns’  sculpture park. Read about his experience in a blog devoted to the China trip.

The Changchun Blog brings the opportunity to regularly update the website over the next 6 weeks and we hope it works to your satisfaction.

Mount Obama

Aug 13, 2009

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda decided to celebrate the election of Barack Obama, the first Afro American President of the United States, by renaming it highest peak Mount Obama.The ceremony was held on the 4th August 2009 Barack Obama’s 49th birthday.Michael and Imogen were asked to produce a sculptural proposal for a semi permanent monument incorporating a dedication plaque to be located at the base of Mount Obama for the renaming ceremony. The piece was made using local stone salvaged from the historic dockyard at English Harbour and with the ceramic plaque recessed into the surface.


Production Lighting Sconces


Responding to requests over the years from architects, interior designers and individual home owners for unique customized lighting fixtures, Cedars Pottery has been well-known for creating finely crafted bespoke wall lights.

However, Michael and Imogen are now developing a new range of production lighting sconces, moulded in white earthenware clay, which they are currently expanding.

Current production is focused on a substantial order for Rosewood Resort, Jumby Bay.

The production range of wall sconces also comes with an expanding choice of customized cut out motifs. A PDF document summarising the production range of light sconces and decorative cut-out motifs can be downloaded here. Production lights.pdf

These wall sconces fire to a warm off white bisque finish. Ideal in itself, this bisque ware takes well to being painted, potentially matching any decor.

The Skin

Jul 9, 2009

HAMA films are working on a Caribbean horror film. We were asked to produce an urn which would be discovered and become the pivot object to the ghost/horror story. See the Hama website for more on this.